( SI / LS / L / T / RIBS / CTJ / C / 0-C1 )

DESCRIPTION: ‘BONE UP’ on your manipulation skills and increase your ‘protential’ (professional potential) with physical medicine. The workshop will include full-spine manipulation hands on review. There will be demonstration of the techniques and supervised hands on practice time for the participants.


I highly recommend Dr. Nick’s manipulation re-fresher workshop. In four hours of hands-on learning I feel confident and comfortable in my spinal manipulation skills once again. It has been several years since I graduated ND school and only did a few adjustments here and there. This workshop was the perfect course to renew and refresh these skills and Dr. Nick is truly an amazing teacher. Two thumbs up for this CE course. 

Dr. Marianne Marchese

I wanted to use physical medicine when I was a student. Unfortunately I didn’t have time from juggling classes and clinic shifts. Dr. Nick’s MSDW class was small and he directly coached and observed my setups and spinal adjustments. Since taking the MSDW class I am able to confidently do cervical, thoracic, lumbar and SI assessments and adjustments. I am able to offer patients this powerful Naturopathic Modality. Thanks Dr Nick!

Dr. David J Frederick

I was invited to participate in Dr. Nicks inaugural Spinal Manipulation Refresher class. I am so happy I did.  Techniques that I had learned in school but didn’t master were done so in this class.  I now have more confidence in doing adjustments and orthopedic evaluations in my clinic. I was able to implement the techniques taught in class on Monday morning in my clinic. I highly recommend this course if you want to be able to do manipulations in your clinic.

Dr. Xan Simonson

I couldn’t recommend this workshop more. Physical medicine is one of the most underutilized modalities by Naturopathic physicians, yet chiropractic medicine and physical modalities are always in high demand by patients. Taking this workshop will not only help you become proficient in spinal manipulation, but it gives you enormous opportunity to grow your practice. Plus, tons of clinical pearls and one-on-one, hands-on training with Dr. Nick. I’d recommend this workshop to all of my colleagues.

Dr. David McHenry

Dr. Nick’s review for spinal manipulations was a great refresher and wat to stay on top of what to look for, how to set up and how to master physical manipulations. Whether you are looking to fine tune your skills or looking to gain more understanding and knowledge, Dr. Nick’s course is highly recommended.

Daniel Deakins, SCNM student

As a student, it was challenging to learn and master Phys med in class, but coming to this workshop with the basic knowledge allowed me to fine-tune my technique for greater success. I received good feedback on how to improve my skill set and learned new techniques to practice.

Swikar Patel, SCNM student

Workshop Calendar

Next Scheduled MSDW:
Saturday, November 28, 2020 
Noon – 4 PM

Workshop Location

2435 E. SOUTHERN AVE # 9
TEMPE, AZ 85282

Workshops are held at Dr. Nick’s private practice, so space is limited to 6 participants maximum.

Workshop Cost

  • $140 – for doctors with CEU credits
  • $100 – for doctors without CEU credits
  • $50 – for students

Payment by cash or check preferred.

To Register

Contact Dr. Nick by phone or web-form, via our

Workshop Scheduling Options


  1. Ongoing SCHEDULED ‘hands-on’ training CEU workshops at approximately 6-week intervals.
  2. There is an opportunity for physicians who have already taken the MSDW workshop to ‘re-take’ the workshop again at a reduced rate at a SCHEDULED time.


  1. There is an opportunity for a GROUP ARRANGED non-CEU workshop for interested physicians or students by arranging a workshop date directly with Dr. Nick.
  2. There is an opportunity for physicians who have taken a workshop to ARRANGE for a targeted workshop date directly with Dr. Nick for repeated and additional hands-on training in specific areas according to the needs of the group participants.